Why is my cat not interested in catnip?

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Bought my cat some fake mouse toys and I sprayed some catnip spray on them and he couldnt care less

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Im no help really but my cat is the same way. She's not really a player per say. Most cats love those dangly toys and she just looks at me like I'm crazy, so I bought some of that cat nip spray and she smelled it but still wasn't interested in playing with them.

Kaitlin Logan over 3 years ago

Glad I'm not the only one with this problem. I thought he was depressed or something!

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Some cats just don't like catnip. It's just an individual taste that varies by kitty.

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I bought mine dry catnip and they loved it.

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Hmm.. Thats weird, usually cats go CRAZYYY over that stuff, haha.. I wonder if maybe she just doesnt like the smell or flavor of it?

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Yea, some cats are just not into it. I had at least one cat that was actually afraid of the smell and would run away from it. He acted like peppermint was more like catnip than the actual catnip. I would suggest to make your own catnip plant  by planting seeds and see if he reacts to the plant when you crumble the leaves a little and see what happens, fresh catnip is sometimes more potent. But I don't know either way how he would react to that either. its not the end of the world that he doesn't like it. :-)

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My cats don't like it either. I reallty think it just depends on the cat.

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Some cats don't care for it, or if you want you could try a high grade nip? Younger cats especially don't react so etimes. Depends on kitty!

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