Why am i I getting a gift card instead of a check or is it a certain limit to get a check

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I have in my settings I wanted a check but because I'm new and i started on the last day to get as much money as I can and I made $1.61 and I specifically put I wanted a check but today I saw in my e mail that I got $1.61 Amazon gift card which I did not want cause I'm saving as much money as I can I know it's not a lot but every penny counts ❤️

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Shopswell sends out checks when the amount you earn for the period is $10 or over.  You can see more about your rewards and activities under Rewards Program (click your name).  Try clicking on stats.  The bars show your current level and you can see your activity day to day. Make sure to follow people (Browse community and click to follow others), have at least 10 items on each list you make, share your lists, ask questions that are specific and answer questions to the best of your ability.  Your income amounts will rise the more you do. Read:  https://www.shopswell.com/writing-tips-for-the-week-on-shopswell to understand what others need to know to answer your questions.  And all monitors (people with green check marks) are here to help you, so ask away.

heatherconnell 3 years ago

Thank you I kinda figured there was going it be a limit ❤️❤️ 


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