Which online site has the most reliably, taste, healthy recipes ?

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Yummly is my favorite. I love that with the extension I can add other recipes while on other sites. Various Facebook pages like Tasty and Cooking Panda are cute too with their super short time sped videos. I'm a visual learner so these kinds of things are a great tool to use especially since FB implemented the "save" feature.

I just got in a quick browse and it looks good.  Do you have a favourite recipe?


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I use Pinterest. I have a ton of recipes on there if you ever want to check them out:)

my name on there is Kaydie Hammar:)

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I like allrecipes.com They have a lot of different healthy recipes. I always find good recipes on there. and the reviews are really helpful

Yeah, that my go to as well.  Are there any others you like?

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Victoria Ferguson

Yeah, that my go to as well.  Are there any others you like?

@victoria I also like foodnetwork.com and tasteofhome.com

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BERTINA DAVIS 3 years ago

I love watching tasty's videos on facebook! There are always a TON of amazing recipe ideas! I actually just made my grocery list based on some of those awesome little videos. :) 


I'm a single mom to a 10 yr old boy. I love getting out and trying new things.


I love going on Pinterest and checking out what's on there and what people have to say about the goods and bads about the recipes.

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Food network, yummly, pinterest and allrecipes are all good !   I think sometimes it just depend on what your looking for so I tend to surf them all ! 

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I personally love foodie.com or yummly.

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I like Pinterest they have just about any recipe you want!!

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Tasty has a facebook page that I am forever drooling over! https://www.facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty/?fref=ts I follow their page and my husband and I are always finding brand new recipes to try! I love that they show videos so you get to see what all it entails to actually make it as well as what the final product looks like! I only wish they could make it and deliver it to me! 

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