Where online can I purchase nice color contacts?

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Looking yo purchase some nice colored contacts and can't seem to find affordable ones online.

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I used to work for contact lenses company ... It really depends if you are looking for prescription colored me sealer normal and also on your eye color .. For dark brown eyes normally fresh look colors green looks the best .. Also let me know if you are looking for dailies or monthlies ? I would recommend dailies if you are not planning to wear them all the time 👍🏻

I would recommend buying them from lens.com they are the cheapest as of now ... Also before buying them look for their discount code or email them and ask for one .. They normally give discounts on first order 😃 - click image for the link x

bellalulu82 over 3 years ago

Thanks so much!!!

l1velif3 replied to over 3 years ago

Thanks so much!!!

@bellalulu82 also try 1-800 -contact they give discount on first order


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i found some on Amazon for less then 20 dollars, purple ones, i just got them but have not tried them yet

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If you're looking for some great ones without any grade, I definitely recommend getting them from https://turtlecontacts.com 

They're not as cheap as some contacts on amazon but for a few extra bucks, I'm definitely paying for some peace of mind. (besides, there's a 15% discount code you can use anyway LOL) I've been purchasing from them for years and their customer service is GREAT. I can tell you that much. :) 

jessepatterson 2 months ago

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