Where is the best place to find affordable kitchen curtains in unusual sizes?

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My kitchen window is about 51 inches wide and 32 inches tall. Where can I get curtains off the shelf? Preferred colors are solid white or light colored background with cobalt blue accents. As you can see the curtains I'm using now are way too long and pretty ugly.

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ileane over 2 years ago

Thank you Justine, but I don't need sheers or the valance. I actually need the full length curtains. I had no problem finding the sheers.

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Justine Kinch replied to over 2 years ago

Thank you Justine, but I don't need sheers or the valance. I actually need the full length curtains. I had no problem finding the sheers.

@ileane Sorry, I hope you find what you are looking for.  The best were on Etsy.com for odd sizes.  Really cute too.

cleanshine 11 months ago

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try amazon or just go and buy material and make your own.

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Country curtains has a nice selection.  Depending on your taste.  They do carry different sizes.  

I got mine thru them and I am very happy with the product.

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If you try Amazon you can find almost anything you are looking for.

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You can DIY. Take an old long curtain and shorten it to your required length and use it afterwards for your use. Another way is that you can just order anything from amazon for custom curtains. 

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Get a mild pastel blue, or simply preserve it white. 

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Amazon and eBay have the best place to find affordable kitchen curtains in unusual sizes.

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beauvais 10 months ago

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How much do you buy that curtain? how to make slime

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The Victorian Rose Window Swag from Heritage Lace gives a great complete to your window. A larger than usual flower outline in delightfully finished trim adds lovely style to stylistic layout.

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Take an old long drape and abbreviate it to your required length and utilize it a short time later for your
Pay for Essays utilization. Another way is that you can simply arrange anything from Amazon for custom blinds

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Try Amazon or eBay 

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Walmart I know it might sound funny but you’d be surprised at there grate selection. 

bosa 9 months ago

Oops great selection lol


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I think Amazon is the best website for purchase kitchen curtains. Because there are a lot of sellers and you can compare the price.

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Amazon is best for worldwide trading things but here I personally believe other business also have a good opportunity to give people more resources to purchase things online like customdeluxeboxes.com have done in USA for custom product packaging.

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You should try eBay or Amazon... 

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