Where Can I buy Some prince music to listen to?

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I would like to listen to prince, But I don't know where to buy the music from.

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If you are an Amazon Prime member you should check out the Amazon Music app which allows you to "buy" or download certain albums at no additional cost. 

PINKYUNICORN 4 years ago

Thanks Sondra not amazon prime member


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PINKYUNICORN 4 years ago

Thanks Ashley


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Amazon Prime if you are a member . I just downloaded quite a bit and you can sometimes get the whole album for free .

PINKYUNICORN 4 years ago

Thanks Judy not a amazon prime member and not paying for that


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If you go on YouTube and look up prince's music, find the video find the arrow on bottom right corner below video, copy the code and enter in to YouTube mp3 (google it will come right up) hit the convert button and then download, you have that song saved to your pc, tablet etc. Let me know if you need help

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