when there is a number on the "bell" the notification icon are they notify me that someone commented on a question or something that i have replied to or does it just mean there is a new post to review?

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I am assuming it is telling me there is new post to look at to review and see if i can answer questions or like the post.  if that is the case then how do i see when someone responds to my questions do i just have to go back to my dashboard and click on each question i have asked to see the answers?  Where would i see if i was voted best answer, since they changed to the new way I am having a hard time finding these things in a easy way.  Thank you

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You are being notified that there is something new in your feed.  A follower/followee article/list/question/answer is there. You don't have to look at everything, which would be an impossibility as you have to go to sleep at some point. However, you should get an e-mail when someone answers your question, relies to you answer of their question, or likes/comments on your list/article.  Even if you miss an e-mail you can check on your content from time to time (like when you want to share it) and see if something is new.  Right now that little bell is at 3 but has been as high as 52 today.  I'll just go see what I can answer first and go look at the rest of the content as I can.  Each day, once per day, you can choose a new best answer.  Kinda nice to share with everyone that cared to answer your questions.  I like to check my stats each day by going up to my name in the upper right, hitting Rewards Program, then Stats.  On Answers you'll see how many times in the last 14 days you have been the best answer.  Mmmm...166 for me. Wow!  And there you have it.  It just takes a little scrolling, reading, and sharing.  Have fun earning on the best shopping site around!

Mary Rice 3 years ago

Thank you for the very detailed answer that helps a lot I wasn't aware that you could only select the best answer once per day (that is when you click the most helpful correct?)


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