What's your favorite deodorant?

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I've been using Right Guard but not really liking it lately

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These are the two that my boyfriend swears by

ccsoundguy 3 years ago

I do like that dry spray but it doesn't last very long at all


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My favorite deodorant is old spice men's deodorant.  I guess it has a better smell then women's and it lasts longer.

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I like men's deodorant better and I like clinical better then regular and I really do not have fave but I like dove and degree the most. Clinical

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Old spice swagger for men

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Avon coll confidence purple cap. Very reasonable and works great. Can order online or threw your Avon Lady. I order 6-12 when on sale and have it stocked up. Best in my book.

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Dove because it smells so good & it works!

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