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What's going on with earnings?

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I was making close to $50 when i started, then it decreased to 10, then these past two pay periods it's only been $2 hasn't risen with any list views or top answers it's making me want to quit! My activity hasn't changed i'm just as 

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I talk to people all day without talking to them

There is a new blog post here from September 21st that you might want to read about the earnings program changes.


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tell me about it . i been on this site for a long time now and all of a sudden yesterday i am working then logged out to go make dinner and come back log in and i am rejected and no longer able to earn . whats up with that . and i sent a message and i get no reply . I am very disappointed in this site i had earnings not much only a few bucks but still i worked hard getting the few bucks i had and now wont be paid and what about last period am i not getting that too . I have no clue what is going on with the site they really dont let anymore one but there picks it seems 

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