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What's a good mascara to make my lashes look fuller?

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Super Lash by Apple! Its the best! I have tried a lot but this one gets the job done very well I love this one best.

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I recently tried IT cosmetic super hero mascara ... It looked great and also super lash mascara by cover girl 

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My new favorite is lash sensational by maybelline! My lashes look great thanks to it. You probably want a makeup remover for it though.

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I haven't tried but getting ready to, I highly suggest checking out! If that's not your style,I highly suggest loreal voloumonois ! It works wonders for bringing out eyes!

ashley0323 over 3 years ago

Let me know how it works and if its worth it when you do try it!! :) 

Noel Miller over 3 years ago

Will do!

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Tonya Kinsler over 3 years ago

Yes please let me know also


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I've tried alot and I would have to say supersizer by cover girl is the best one yet. It's not clumpy at all but it still gives you that extra umph you're trying to get without looking like you have mud on your eye lashes. It works really well and I would day definitely give it a try.

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I like "Lash Stilletto" Works great and gives me those "Dramatic" eyes haha

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i love maybelline mascara.  its favorite,  its my number 1 make up item for sure.

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