What kinds of things can I get for a teenage girl?

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Wife & Mom

Destiny Palka over 2 years ago

Metal leather bracelet

stubborncrybaby 2 years ago

the straightner


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goalken 1 month ago

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Make up clothes or colorful crafty things

ashley1 over 1 year ago

make up clothest


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In my opinion the straightner! 

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a gift card to starbucks, money, makeup, boots.

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Many teenage girls love clothing and music. It really just depends on how you would describe her .

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You shoukd get makeup ,it really satisfies or jewllery.

member since feb 2017

Get her chokers, jewelry, something for her nails, flash tattoos and maybe several small rings.

member since mar 2017

make-up and curl iron and a brush like strightner

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I would suggest a good fiction book. Nowadays, teenagers tend to devote most of their time in browsing over their phones. To make a change, it'll be a good idea to give a book based on his/her interest.

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The strainghter brunch is the best thing for teenagers 

member since oct 2017

i can only speak for  my own teeanger.  but she likes clothes, and she likes electronics.  make up is a good thing, jewelry, gift cards, mani/pedi...

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you should give  her all

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Get her a gift card or give her money so she can get what she wants.

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Teenagers like things like makeup and clothing. A nice pair of boots would be nice. Most teenager like the boots with the fur around them. Jewelry like simple earrings or necklace.

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You can get makeup and dolls stuffed animals 

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I think you should get hair straightener because girls love their hair

member since aug 2018

I think you should get her a some makeup.

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