What is your favorite crime series on TV?

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So I want to watch some crime series in the summer, what is your favorite ones? 

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True Detective if you haven't yet. First season was outstanding.

Fargo. First season was better in that too if you ask me. Maybe even Narcos. 

Classics you must watch if you didn't like Wire,Sopranos ,UK Sherlock.

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Criminal minds

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I love a bunch of the shows already mentioned here, however I have to add in a few. The two crime shows I love right now are Bones and Psych (both available on Netflix.) 

Psych is more of a light-hearted crime show with a bunch of comedy to cut through  the darker subjects and is really fun to watch, especially with a few close friends. The main characters are a blast and as a whole I loved the series! Most of the episodes don't have an over-arching plot which makes it easy to pick up whenever you feel like watching it, but there are a few three part-ers that I wasted a good part of my weekend on, so be warned... 

Bones is more of a "hard core" crime show with forensic science and much more in-depth crimes and every season will have some new twist to it. It's great if you plan to do a bunch of binge watching over the summer but warning this show mostly deals with murder mysteries. Luckily since the main character works mostly with bones (hence the name) most of the gore is removed in the first ten minutes, but just thought it was worth giving some warning! 

Hope this helped!

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Ncis, cold case, criminal minds 😁

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I forgot about these ones and they are great to, 

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Lucifer is really great.

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Criminal minds, law and order svu, deadly women, and the first 48 are a few of my favorites. 

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These are some of my favorite to 

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NCIS and Criminal Minds !!   

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I actually love the reality crime shows such as 48 hrs 

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NCIS, Criminals Minds, The first 48

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Omg criminal minds is the best lol

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Omg any of the law and orders are great.

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These are my favs:

Law & Order: SVU

Criminal Minds

The First 48


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The X-Flies!! Its more of a Sy-Fi Crime but omgg I'm obsessed! Deff should consider it. theres 9 full seasons and there on there 10th one right now!

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