what is the best way to save money

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Few things I do are - always make a shopping list before I go for grocery and look up for manufacturers discount coupon for the listed product if possible. I try to stick to list making it a matter of life and death ūüėāūüėā I also have rebate apps like ibota and checkout 51 which gives me rebate on certain brands and products. Before I checkout I make sure to take a round in store to give a second thought if the items in cart are really needed and if I am likely to use them after a week... I generally remove the item from my cart. Also try and read book "Love isn't enough". It's nothing about love but all about how a girl can live smart and save smartly xx yeah and whatever you earn make sure put 25% of your earning in saving account .. Then carry all ur expenses with remaining ... People generally tend to save money after they have spent all the money they can ... Leftover money in your account isn't saving!!! If you just take 25% out keep in saving and forget about ... You will learn to take care of your expenses in remaining 75% of your salary x¬†

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I have a savings  that i can not touch. (That way im not tempted) and add when I can

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Thanks for the advice i will try both of them

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We live on one income of 10 something an hour.  We order in beef from a local farm once a year so our steaks, roasts and everything costs us 3.68 lbs (  it varies depending on the size of the cow of course ... but i got 414lbs of meat that I know what it was fed and its hormone free )   including ribeye, portorhouse and roasts...Its all vacuum packed the way i ask for it also..usually 2 steaks per or 1lb packages   We also order in a half a pig for the same kinds of savings.  ( factor in gas for store runs plus no impulse buying and it all pretty much pays for itself ....my man is bad at the impulse buying thing lol )   I raise 25 meat chickens a year plus have a laying flock that provides more then enough eggs ( you need any ?  after boiling up 4 dozen yesterday i bet I still have 6 doz in my fridge !! ugg )  and we have ducks that roam the yard ( i rarely have to feed them at all ... they forage for their dinner )  ... when I don't have the meat chickens I usually only go threw one bag of food a week  and they produce organic fertilizer for my garden and keep the bugs n ticks down to nothing ( and in the summer its less ...winter time is when they really eat ) 

We also buy from another farm.   I am able to stock pile tomatoes, pototoes, usually squash ( to much rain last summer .... it killed their crop ) at .19cents a lb .. They also do green beans, cucumbers.  Its all "you pick" but I find it rather fun to go out with mom ( who likes to stock up some too but has a hard time with her arthritis these days ) 

I also have a large garden ... with more tomatoes ( haha I put up 400 lbs last year and we are down to maybe 10 bags and all the canned ones are gone )  and put up as much as I can for winter.  I run two deep freezer ( one for meat, the other veggies n snacks )and can stuff ( but honestly .. my kitchen is seriously lacking in storage.... so lots get frozen ) 

I forage weekly for different things.  Asparagus is still going here (  be better if it would rain ) and I have multiple spots i hit...already have 6lbs put up frozen for winter.   Milk weed pods, wild apples ( ours are really good ... thank the neighbor with the yard of apple trees they crossed with ) berries and my favorite mushrooms ( i brought home 20 lbs of chickens another 30 lbs of oysters last year )  Lambsquarters is healthy and yummy and grows all over my yard ( think wild spinach ) along with dandelion greens and nettles.  

I make our own laundry soap ...costs me maybe 4 or 5 bucks every 3 / 4 months ( only cause i use the borax and the washing soda on other things here n there ..if i didn't need to replace them when its time for another batch that would be every 6 months ) 

All my cleaning is done with white vinager... Its dirt cheap and it works just fine and the smell goes away after a bit leaving behind a nice clean smell...if you want it to smell nice add in some lavendare oil or even lemon .....

We were lucky enough to find an old house that needed work and a local farmer here that lets us rent it for 200.00 a month.  Its 2 acres... we do all the work though when things break or when they need remodeled but if we are late on the payment he could really care less and he never charges us late fees plus I can do anything I like to the place ...

Watch the clearance racks always ... You'd be amazed at what you can find for cheap ....I've picked up an 80.00 grill for 15.00 bucks before brand new 

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Here are few ways I've found that you can save money. Many of them require little or no effort at all to do after you set up the accounts. Also, when you automate your savings it's easier to manage. Try apps like, Acorns, Betterment, and Digit to automate small amounts into a saving account as much or as often as you might like.

When shopping in general compare items online, try to find stores with the best sales, use coupons in addition to sale prices to maximize savings. When shopping for groceries, make a list, clip coupons and find grocery store that double coupons. Again it's always best to purchase sale items with coupons in order to receive the maximum amount of savings.

I hope this helps.

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I make a menu and a shopping list and buy the ingredients I need for the week.

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You can get a savings account that you can't touch and add a little money to it every week or every 2 weeks depending on how you get paid. You can start off by putting 20-50 dollars in their every pay period. If you can put $50 in the account every month that easily $600 in a year that you have saved. If you can afford more that would be great. 

Also when you go shopping set a budget and only take that amount with you so you won't be tempted to spend more. If you're grocery shopping, try to eat before you go so you won't put thing in the basket that you don't really need. I'm not sure if you've done it ¬†but I can't shop when I'm hungry, I put everything in my basket lol. Also if you're really trying to save on groceries and clothes, look for store that you can use coupons or discount codes that will take off your purchase. Hope this helps. ūüôā

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dont buy name brand if you do not have to.  use coupons, wait for sale days, try to buy online amazon is a god-send sometimes.   buy in bulk if it something you use quite often.

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I clip coupons from my local Sunday paper cause it helps you save money. Help with going through the sales ads. It helps saves money on every thing.

I make my own laubdty soap 

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try to go to Pinterest, and find some Budgeting templates print them out. and start writting down all your expenses ,  bills, and side money. it will help you see and find where you spend more and where you need to spend less. another thing you could do is go on youtube and watch videos on DIY You will be surprise how many things you can make in the comfort of your home without having to spend a ton of money. and it will also give it a sentimental value. (: 

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You can never go wrong with couponing.

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I make a lot of my cleaners and laundry soap. Saves a ton of money! Also couponing is amazing.

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idk about coupons but i just made an article on how to receive free and discounted items as well as free gift cards 


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I usually shop at dillons so I can use my dillons card. I can usually save around $20 average each trip when I buy the Krueger brand and use my card for additional discounts. Also I just started using the ibotta app. Which instead of it being like a coupon....you get rebates back. I've only had it a week and I already have $11.25 saved up. If you are interested in this awesome app let me know and I can help you get an extra $10 in rebates. Another thing I'm trying to do...which is hard to do, but put 10% of your check in the bank. I know it's hard and takes a lot of discipline but it CAN be done. I know some people who do the dollar challenge, the dime challenge or the $5 challenge. I hope this helps!!

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Coupons coupons coupons! And stocking back when things are on sale. Things that are more expensive like beef and chicken can always be frozen, so you have to look for sales and grab more than you need. My fianc√© has winters off for his job. We buy 4 pounds of meet a week when it's on sale and store it back. We ended up not having to buy hamburger, chicken, or stew meat, all winter long! Pasta sauce is always on sale too, normally like 3 for $5, and boxes of pasta are 10 for $10 a lot. Things that can't spoil, always ¬†stock back on. That way you'll only have to buy things like milk and eggs in a hurryūüėä

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I personally take out money that I choose not to touch that way it saves up over time.

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