What is the best recipe you have for picky eaters?

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We are a family of 7 and we are tired of eating the same stuff all the time. What do you recommend as a new recipe. We have no allergies. One son wont eat lasagna or sloppy joes. One won't eat spaghetti.

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Stir fry !  Its healthy and with picky eaters the chunks are big enough that they are easily picked out and pretty much anything goes in it so easy to keep everyone happy.  Can be served with rice, pasta or just as is.     BBQ meatloaf is another favorite around here when I have the kids and breakfast for dinner is always a hit  ( omelets, pancakes, eggs n bacon or skillets dinners )  Oh ya....and Velveta mac n cheese with sausage ... cook up the sausage, add in the cheese and a bit of milk and stir in cooked elbow mac. when its all done ......don't even want to know the calorie count on it but its yummy stuff 

Andrea Scruggs over 3 years ago

sounds great

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I have a big family too and mealtimes can certainly be a pain with everyone having an opinion about what I should or shouldn't cook. There are a few things they all mostly will eat.

1. Tacos. They all like them and they can top there's however they want.

2. Pizza. What kid doesn't love pizza?

3. Breakfast for dinner. Eggs can be prepared in so many ways! Add in pancakes/waffles and some fruit. Yummy.

4. Bacon chicken ranch pasta. This is a recipe I discovered by using Google. It's become a favorite around my house. I just call it bacon chicken pasta because if one of my kids knew there was ranch in it he wouldn't eat it. Here's the link!


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