What is the best product or advice for getting a child to stop wetting the bed?

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My daugher is 7 years old and still having issues wetting the bed.

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My son is also 7 and having bed wetting problems. Our doctor has suggested simple things like eliminating water intake at least an hour maybe even 2 before bed time. Our doctor prescribed a stool softener because he thinks the problem is because a stool obstruction is putting unnecessary pressure on the bladder which causes an urgent need to release. If all else fails plan b is he will prescribe a bladder relaxer but the only problem is that the side effect is constipation. Don't be afraid to go the doctor about this. None of this is anyone's fault and makes no one the bad parent. Doctor guilt tripped my husband a little so that's why I say this. Just make sure your daughter is well hydrated and getting necessary fiber intake and wear the huggies overnites, if not already. My husband also purchased a plastic lining on our son's bed, just in case it leaked though it would make an easy cleanup. I wish I could be more of help, we are still in the process of him overcoming the issue.  *edit to add* If your daughter isn't passing a stool every day, this may be the problem. Have a calendar in her room and put a sticker each day she has one. It definitely helps keep track, if that is the case.  

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Thanks so much for the encouragement and letting me know I am not alone. Good luck with your son as well.

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I think cutting out drinking a couple hours before bedtime may help, and also maybe setting an alarm clock for after a couple hours of sleep to go potty may help get them used to waking up to go when need they need to. could just be a sound sleeper. Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice:)


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I don't give my child nothing to drink after 7pm and I make my child go to the bathroom before he goes to bed, 

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One thing someone told me is that dairy products "desensitize" the bladder, so they don't feel the urge to go.  I found dairy did affect my daughter, but her body was naturally stopping bed wetting anyway.  She cut out most dairy, but if she had ice cream the night before, then she would have an "accident."   I think she was about 10 years old, so even older than your child.  I kind of think it may be something they just need to outgrow.  We use night time pull ups for big kids and have a waterproof mattress pad on the bed.  

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Interesting thanks for that tip about dairy.

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I did these things with my son and they worked, I hope some of these tips help you.

I would have him go to the bathroom before his bath/shower, and then go again right before getting in bed. No juice after dinner. I would also get up at about 4 or 4:30 am, I would literally carry him to the bathroom and stand him in front of the toilet so that he could pee. Since your daughter is older you can just wake her up. I did these things consistently and we did not have any late night accidents. I found that the few accidents he had were in the morning. Good luck.

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