What is the best over-ear headphones you can buy for under 100$?

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I've been saving up for a headphone for under 100$ . Any suggestions? I love balanced headphones.

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Akg k511 or akg k420,akg y50

Audio Technica ATH CKS550iS would be a great choices for you

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  • This one are favorite of many. They are closed and sound is great.

  • You can consider this. They have been around for a long time and I love the design. You can mod them a lot.

I know some of these go a little over $100 but you won't regret adding few bucks.

manseoffer over 3 years ago

Thank you, I think I might go for the ATH-M50X. What do you think is better in your opinion, M50X or AD700X?

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cuga55 replied to over 3 years ago

Thank you, I think I might go for the ATH-M50X. What do you think is better in your opinion, M50X or AD700X?

@manseoffer M50x . 

AD700x are open and I'm not a huge fan of open cans. M50x is your best choice. This phones are loved by many users and are always recommended as a good choice for getting into whole audiophile headphones world.


Shops pockets your money..BEWARE

I Love these and Walmart carries them. They work just as good as Dr Dre's beat without the hefty price. And for being so small they are loud.One of my ear buds fell into my simmering wax and believe it or not worked thereafter once I used a toothpick to dig out the wax. My are identical to the ones above but instead of red my are pink.

Breesha Taylor over 3 years ago

They also come in the style as others have posted. Just priced the other style for $66.95 which is clearly cheaper than the others.


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I've used these (past and current models) as studio and on-set sound recording headphones for over 20 years. Under $100, reliable.

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