What is the best fathers day gift?

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Family, friends, construct, laugh


As a dad, some cool gift ideas:

Environmental meets camping gadget:

Experiment with being a coffee geek:

 An awesome quality shave, that he might not know about, or might not buy himself: 


Brittany Burns 4 years ago

Wow thanks these are awesome ideas


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It depends on what the dad in your life is into. Here are some fun suggestions. https://www.shopswell.com/father-s-day-fun 

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Checkout the list .. Hopefully you will find something you are looking for xx


I Love my Family & my Little Life inside Hillsboro Ohio

Im getting my husband a games he has been wanting, along with a special homemade dinner, followed by the kids giving him homemade cards. 

Love new ideas

I have the same problem finding something to get for my husband.  He seems to have everything, since we have been married 28 years.  I struggle each year to figure out what to get him.  I usually keep a list of things he mentions he wishes he had, or things that he likes throughout the year.  This comes in handy for birthdays, Christmas and Father's day.   I write down everything.  He might say he had the best breakfast at this diner, ( so I think gift card ),  he might mention that he needs a few more t-shirts for work, or he tried a candy and he really liked it.   You will be surprised what you can pick up, if you just let your ears open the whole year.

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