What is the best baby swing you couldn't live without?

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We have 2 hogging the space in the living room :)  the twins sit in them every morning, part of their routine.

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I originally got the graco glider lx swing like the first one posted annd i LOVED it. But my son got long and was still under the maximum weight limit and it wouldnt swing anymore. They think it was a weight/height distribution. and then they sent me this swing. Its great. With the motor on the top and farther away from the base of the swing there is no issues with how big my son is. Hes Currently 21.5 lbs and 29.5 in long. Hes 9 months and it still swings fast. 


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You want one that plugs in for one! But that can, also, run on batteries if an outage occurs. (You'll really want that swing then because it'll probably be hot) I had one that I could take the seat off and use it as a kind of bouncer and set her anywhere. It could turn sideways or front and back. It folded up easily and had toys hanging over it. She loved it. It, also, had a blanket made in to the seat cover, so she always had a blanket if it got cold.

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@candy_kohl this swing went through three babies and still works and is in wonderful condition and waiting for another bundle of joy. I love it and couldn't ask for a better swing. 

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Breanna Lloyd over 3 years ago

i owned this swing as well but we got rid of it and upgraded to a Mamaroo. Best choice we could've made.


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