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What can I get my niece for her birthday she will be 2 and loves paw patrol

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My son is 3 and loves paw patrol too.  He really likes Rubble and Marshal, but your niece may want some girl pups.

We have the rubble version of this toy, and our son loves it.  He also likes the pup fu toys, with spring loaded bits that fly out when you press the pup tag.

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Tonya Kinsler 3 years ago

Thanks I think she would like these


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I got these stickers for my nephew for Christmas! He loves paw patrol! 

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i have a 2 yr old girl and she loves playing with trucks.

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Walmart has great deals on stuffed characters and toys aged approved.

I am the proud Grammy of an awesome 2 year old grandson!


My 2 year old grandson has this set and loves it!

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