What camera lens is the best for taking sports shots?

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I have a Canon T3i. I want to catch the kids while they play sports, so it needs to be good for distance, and of course, not super expensive!

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Check Cannon website they have a lot of lens for sports shots. They are affordable compared to most.

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You're probably looking for something like a 70-300mm zoom. It depends on the kind of sport as well. Is it indoor, outdoor, a slower sport, a fast moving sport? All of these factor in to the best choice for lens.

On the inexpensive side, you're probably good with this as a general zoom:

It's an f/4 so it's not going to be super great in dimly lit spaces. You'd want an f/2.x if you'll be shooting in a darker location. Also, the lower end the lens, the longer it's going to take to auto-focus.

This is a more expensive choice, but it's going to focus on a fast moving subject better. 

Or you can go off-brand for less expensive options.

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Great options. My daughter plays lacrosse, tennis and golf. My son plays soccer, tennis and golf. And both are involved in Jiu Jitsu. Lacrosse is played indoors, and outdoors, but both are very fast moving!!!

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I also have a t3i and I use this lenses for all my sons soccer games. 

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