What brushes do you all use to contour???

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I'd really love to begin contouring correctly but first I need to know what brushes are must have?

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The easiest and newest way I have found is using the toothbrush oval makeup brush.  I also used a flat top kabuki  brush until I got the toothbrush. 

Amanda Denning over 3 years ago

@heather_tullock  I've always wanted to try the oval brushes do they work better? In your opinion?

Heather Tullock over 3 years ago

I just bought them about a week and a half ago and I have falling in love with them. I watch youtube videos on how to use them correctly and they are so easy.


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I use my beauty blender for literally everything. Foundation, contour, concealer. Everything. It blends so easily and is consistent in its usage.

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This is my go to!! I love elf brushes!!

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i use an elf blush brush because it has a nice pointed tip so you can really carve out them cheek bones.

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