What brand of diapers is the best to buy?

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Some people started using cloth diapers because it saves environment. I am still into Huggies. You need to choose what works best for your family.

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maryanno over 3 years ago

@prettygeek ow havn't seen cloth diapers in ages

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Renita Perrone over 3 years ago

I never did cloth. Couldn't stand the idea of having to wash them out. I used huggies alot but was able to use generic and they were cheaper


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Last time we tried Luvus but I think the Huggies are better they seem to hold the water better, we have tried different brands


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i use these on my boys . pampers are the only diapers trusted in the hospitals in NY

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Pampers and Luvs.

Hello, my name is Mindy.

We've used pampers and Huggies but we prefer pampers. No leaks or rashes so far so good.

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We were a Huggies family!  Pampers made my oldest break out when she was just born, so from then on out, I only purchased Huggies for both of my children. 

Plus, I don't know if it was that LoneStar song about "Pampers drying in clothes dryer" but just the sound of Pampers makes me cringe just hearing the name.

I did try Honest diapers a couple of times with my youngest who I just potty trained.. But she broke out every time. Which is a bummer because I really wanted to like them for the adorable designs!

Machelle Hutchinson over 3 years ago

I love the smell of new diapers! Lol


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Well. I use huggies for my oldest (19 months) because he can't use anything else for some reason and for my 6 month old i use pampers (which is my favorite)

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I used all types with my son.  I think really may depend on your child.  Luckily for me my son had no issues with any diapers so I used whatever was the best buy or on sale which was normally babies r us or walmart brand by the case.  My friend son can only wear huggies or has a rash. 

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Oh I tried all the brands from pampers all types to parent choice ... All had one or another issue ... I finally settled with huggies little snugglers .. They worked best no leak no problem !! I currently use them 😊 - click image for link !

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