What are the best ways or products to use to unclog a kitchen sink?

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My Kitchen sink keeps getting clogged up and I really need some ideas on how to unclog it.

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it depends where the clog is if it is in the u part you should simply be able to unscrew it and get it out. But if it is further down may have to see about getting a snake from someone that is what i had to use and yes it is not normally used for that.

Kimberly Hukins 4 years ago

Thanks so much!

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try baking soda and vinegar ' I poured baking soda down the Drain and then poured vinegar ' cover it with a cloth wait about 15 min. and flush with boiling water! works every time. Good Luck

Kimberly Hukins 4 years ago

Thank you!

Beverly over 3 years ago

oh I just saw your comment...I just told her the same thing....but I've never flushed mine with hot water..you learn something new every day


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Dumping some dawn down there helps loosen whatever it is up and helps for it to slide down. I use dawn all the time when trying to unclog things. Hope this helps you!!!

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