What are the best shoes to run in?

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I'm looking for good shoes to go running in. They won't hurt my feet.

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I love the ASICS brand and always find them comfortable for walking or running on the road or on a dirt path. Their styles come in some great colors and the shoes are less expensive than other brands I've tried.

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boodreeau 4 years ago

I love asics, they are not flat and roll whith your steps and have so many styles and colors.

PINKYUNICORN 4 years ago

Thanks Sondra will check them out

Amy Deeter 4 years ago


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 these are very nice


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I use Merrell to run, best ever.


PINKYUNICORN 4 years ago

Thanks will check out them shoes


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Nike low rise!

PINKYUNICORN 4 years ago

Thanks @Forecastven will check them shoes out


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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 --- partial mesh inter-sleeve that hugs your foot, no matter how long you run .. it always feels you just started. Even though I have sensitive skin around my foot.. i never had a single blister with these. Hope it helps x

PINKYUNICORN 4 years ago

Thanks will try them shoes


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For me it's the New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay

PINKYUNICORN 4 years ago

Thanks Carissa will check them out


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There are a lot of good brands out there like Nike, Adidas and ASICS but I don't think your problem is in the brand ,it's your feet.

You should find a good shoe shop that has measuring protocol so they can find you the best fit. Somebody who works there can understand your needs best because he knows what kind of shoe do you need for flat feet or any other shape you have. You could buy $500 shoes and your feet will still hurt because they don't fit well and running would be really bad experience to you. 

You also need to know where you want to run (outdoors or indoors) because that information is really important when choosing type of the outer sole on the shoe.

PINKYUNICORN 4 years ago

Thanks Bulk666, yes I need wide shoes so hard to find a good running shoe, But will check when the rain stops,,, thanks for the suggestions


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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 these are very nice

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