What are the best body lotions for skin that is starting to look old and feel dry?

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Nivea is wonderful! 

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Vaseline intensive repair is the most definitely the best one out there yet! I've been putting it on my feet which is extremely dry & cracked skin & it's been helping so much. I soak my feet in mouth wash, white vinegar, & warm water. Then I palm them, then I rub that lotion on it & put socks on. My feet thanks me every time. Best lotion ever!!! =) 

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I know it's a little pricey but I swear by Kiehls. Their products are natural and deliver excellent results. Though this is a facial cream, I use it on my whole body. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated without an oily residue. 

I love their lip balm, too!

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I love Aveeno and Vaseline repair and restore.

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I love this brand for my skin. 

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 Anything with aloe in it, if it's organic even better. This stuff is good for burns also.

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I use Aveeno or Nivea

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Without a doubt the best is the Nivea brand

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i think nivea soft is the best

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Do I have the best solution for you. You will love it. Move a shower lotion, it is the best. When you get out of the shower you can also put Nivea body lotion. However, you may not need the regular body lotion when the shower lotion does the complete job for your skin. You will thank me. 

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