What are some good things to take on a picnic that don't spoil quickly?

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Picnics are easy ... Just have to plan ahead.  Keep it simple with lots of fresh fruit n veggies.  If you want something along the lines of tuna fish or chicken salad have your base mixed up in tupperware on ice ( or use frozen capri sun ) to keep things cool and take along the mayo packets to mix up your lunch when your ready ( no spoiling then ) ....You could even do pasta salad the same way if you wanted to.  Sandwhiches are always a great idea but I always make ours on site so the bread doesn't get soggy and everyone can dress them up anyway that they wish ( food service store is your friend...you can have a stash of ketchep, mustard, and mayo packets and containers to house things like onions, tomatoes and lettuce for your sandwhiches  )   Trail mix is always great and a great snack before hand.

Nicole Dake over 3 years ago

I love the idea of frozen Capri Sun to keep things cold!


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We like to take party trays of food on picnics, so fruit trays, veggie trays, nuts are always good, sandwiches (we get the packets of condiments from the deli), no chocolate since it can melt. 

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Nothing mayonnaise based, so potato salad, egg salad, tuna salad... not great idea. I bet salads with a dressing other than ranch or a creamy dressing would be good. (Such as Italian, vinagarette... etc.) Nothing dairy based.

Hot dogs are a great idea. Sandwiches are as well, hopefully you can try other condiments like mustard, ketchup, relish. I think lunchables are a really great idea as well because I took those to school for lunch and such. Trail mix, potato chips, maybe even chips and salsa!

Also baked beans are great too!

Hope I helped you out somewhat!

Melissa Curtis over 3 years ago

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, fruit snacks and water bottles.

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Anything prepackaged, chips, nuts, granola bars, baked beans in a can. Also applesauce or anything prepackaged like that needs no refrigeration.  You can take frozen meat that way if it thaws out then its ok you have a little time to still do whatever it is you are doing.

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I take hamburgers, sausage, hotdogs for the meat if u have a grill available so that you can cook. make sure that u have a cooler to store them in with ice. then u will need drinks, salad of ur choice long they are on ice and how long u gonna be at the picnic for.

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Sharon shelton over 3 years ago

Fried chicken is good served cold!


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Pasta salad - just cook some pasta, add fresh veggies and pour in some Italian salad dressing - it won't spoil on you, as long as you don't add anything like hard boiled eggs or meat. 

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