We purchased a rabbit for our new pet a few weeks ago and before getting him i did a lot of research on how to care for a rabbit and how to litter train him, but I am not having any luck with litterbox training him can anyone help? What we have done is put the litter box in the corner that he typically would use put some litter in the bottom then hay on top of that and some soiled hay for the scent but then he starts using another corner. We have a hard plastic cage its not a wire bottom but we put hay over top of the entire bottom of the cage plus in his hay feeder could that be why since there is hay all over the cage? Should i not put hay in the cage just the feeder?

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Young and fun

I don't want to discourage you or something but friend has one in his apartment for years and when they release him from the cage he still does his business on the carpet. When they castrated him it helped.

I don't know, maybe someone here know solution for your problem.

Mary Rice over 3 years ago

I heard that can help especially with boy rabbits which is what he is it is pretty expensive to have a rabbit neutered but we might have to look into that , i am not so much worried about out of the cage as we have a space for him to roam where there is no carpet but even in his cage i can't get him to use the litter box lol.  I will keep searching :) thank you for the help though 


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