You may have noticed some changes to our site navigation this week. The tech gurus in the Shopswell Laboratory have been hard at work to simplify and improve the Shopswell experience for our members, so we've done a little spring cleaning. Here are some of the highlights to be aware of.

We've added a new dashboard section. The dashboard encapsulates all of your content and stats (along with rewards & payouts for rewards members). So, any lists you've created, questions you've asked or answered, and any articles or product reviews you've written can all be found here. You can quickly click the titles to view the corresponding pages, or click the edit link to edit your content.

You can filter your content by type (lists, questions, answers, articles & reviews), or you can search through your own library to find specific items.We're hoping this will make managing things much easier, especially for you power users with lots of lists, reviews and articles :-)

We've also added a couple new sections to stats to reflect your answer & sharing activity. You can filter stats by Answers to see how frequently your answers are voted most helpful. You can also select Referrals to see how many visits your sharing has brought and how many of those have gone on to join Shopswell.

We've simplified the site settings section as well. Here you can update your basic account settings such as email, password, and linking of your account to Facebook or Twitter. You're also able to edit your user profile here and we've added a cool new feature that allows you to feature any content you've created at the top of your profile.

We've had several requests for a better way to browse Shopswell members and meet new people, so this update also includes a new Shopswell community page. On this page, you can browse by people who are similar to you (following the same tags), by people who are the most helpful, or by our newest members. You can also search for specific users.

We have a few new fun little features brewing in the Shopswell laboratory that we're hoping to release soon. In the meantime, what improvements would you like to see made to Shopswell in the near future?