Things to do in the summer with Children. And they wont get bored easy?

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Any Suggestions??

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What age are your children? We do arts and construction, check my lists

Water guns are great


I'm me

nature walks

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Mom of two boys. California.

Park, Zoo, Pool, Water balloons, baking together, movies, bored games.

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I don't know how old your kids are but in my area one of our theaters offers a free movie once a week, the bowling alley has a free bowl day,the library has a summer reading program with prize incentives, pool,zoo,museum,splash pad

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our local parks usually have activities like free  movie, put put golf, and swimming  nights.  we also have a county fair that lasts one weekend.  there are day camps plus week long camps.  i would contact your local school system and see if they are doing any day camps.  or if you have any technical colleges,  ours does day camps that have to do with space, bugs, technology.etc.  our library does daily stuff with kids.  we have plays.  

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Hello Shopswellers' I'm Sharon. Mother of 4 and grandmother of 11. I'm looking forward to gettting to know you all and learning all there is to know about shopswell.

your local YMCA has great summer programs for kids as well!

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I love museum's way more than any kid does!!! Lol but kids love them too. Their are different kinds of museum such as science, history, animals!! Fun for the whole family guaranteed!

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