We’re continually making updates within the site to enhance your overall experience on Shopswell based on your feedback.

After listening to the request from many of our active community members, we have launched a new opportunity for our rewards program members. This latest update allows Rewards members to use their own affiliate links when linking to products from their lists, articles and reviews. We feel this will be another great way to reward our community members who create valuable content for others. Each month, Shopswell gets well over 100k visitors, so we hope it becomes a platform for you to showcase your taste, style, and shopping opinions to the world.

This new feature is incredibly easy to use. Simply enter your Amazon affiliate code into the field at the bottom of your rewards settings page, and voila! All the purchase links from your published lists, articles, and product reviews will be coded with your affiliate link. This applies to content you publish in the future as well as anything you’ve ever published on Shopswell. You must be a Rewards program member to participate.

Another update we’re rolling out this week is our Shopswell Moderator program. Several of you have expressed interest in helping to keep our community healthy and strong and clean up unhelpful or off-topic conversations, so we’re hoping you are as excited about this program as we are.

Over the next several days, we will be inviting active Shopswell members to become moderators. Shopswell Moderators will have the ability to:

  • Mark questions Off-topic (thereby removing them from the main questions pages)
  • Edit titles, product names, and questions (just to clean up grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc.)
  • Edit tags (removing inappropriate categories or adding relevant topics)

Moderators will be eligible for additional rewards. Check out the Shopswell Moderator’s Guide for more details.

If you would like to be a Shopswell moderator and have not received an email notification, please let us know in the comments below that you are interested in this opportunity.