Just under two years ago we set out to help improve the shopping experience online. We were tired of misleading price comparisons, targeted ads, and rampant questionable reviews. We decided to create Shopswell as a place where a community of helpful shoppers could gather to help each other and share authentic shopping-related information. 

Along the way, we've met some amazing people and accomplished a lot. Well over a million products were curated into lists. Our community members have provided nearly 200,000 helpful answers to nearly 60,000 questions. We've published nearly 10,000 authentic reviews and shopping-related articles. Our community has grown tremendously, reaching nearly a quarter-million people a month. 

But unfortunately we have not been able to raise continued financing for Shopswell. We have also been pursuing alternate ways to keep the site going including acquisition, but ultimately nothing has panned out. So, we are forced to shut Shopswell down at the end of this year. 

We expect to be able to keep the site running through Dec 31 2016, but after that the site and its content will likely be unavailable. If you have content on the site that you would like to access, please save it prior to Jan 1 2017. 

Shopswell really has been a wonderful experience and community of people. We are all deeply grateful to everyone who shared this journey with us and helped out along the way. Thanks to all of you!