Today we're rolling out rich comments for Shopswell. Rich comments make it even easier to share cool products and lists.

From now on, when you comment on products or lists (or even blog articles), you can use these new features to highlight products, other lists, or users.

User @Mentions

When you type an @ sign in a comment, you will get a username dropdown and you can select a user to mention in your comment. Or, you can type an @ and paste a user's username. People that you mention who follow you will get an email letting them know that you've mentioned them.


You can paste a Shopswell list url into a comment, and we will generate a nice little list preview card so that people can see what you're talking about without having to click away to the list. For instance, here's a list of free music for Amazon Prime members:


Similarly, you can paste a Shopswell product url into a comment to embed a nice product preview card like this:


Finally, we've always appreciated the power that videos have for helping people shop smarter so you can also add a Youtube video url directly into a comment. For now, this feature only works with Youtube.

This is a new feature, so we appreciate any feedback you have, and any bugs you may find. Have fun and Happy Shopping!