Happy February! Today I just have a couple quick updates to the Shopswell Rewards Program. First, of course, a huge Thank You to everyone who has participated so far. Thanks to you, January has been our best month ever in what is traditionally a fairly slow time of year. We have gotten some great feedback from everyone and we are working to incorporate as much as we can to improve the program, so stay tuned for even more updates.

First, we have changed the points system so that only one helpful review or comment per product is scored per user. We have seen some folks abusing the commenting system in hopes of earning points. While this has technically not been in violation of the rules of the program till now, it certainly has violated the spirit; those comments really aren't helpful to anyone. So, starting today only the first comment or review added by a user will be used to allocate points. It's also important to remember that just as with lists, you earn far more points when people up-vote or engage with your reviews than you do for simply creating them.

Second, as the rewards program has grown, we've taxed our accountant's patience (pardon the pun). Starting on March 1st (the processing date for the period Feb 1-15th) we will be unable to issue checks for earnings less than $10. If your payment preference is set to check, but you've earned less than $10 in the period, you will receive a gift card.