Since the launch of the Shopswell Rewards Program over a year ago, we've distributed over $120,000 to our community members. We've continuously tweaked and improved the program to ensure that our rewards program fairly gives back to the most helpful members of the community. But as our community continues to grow (+300% now in the last four months), we can no longer keep up with the various bad faith actors who simply seek to take advantage of the program. So, our automated rewards program will end at midnight PDT Oct 31. 

As of that time, Rewards will no longer be generated. Earnings for the period Oct 1-15 will be processed on Nov 1st, and earnings for the period Oct 16-31st will be processed on Nov 15th. That will be the final automated payout for earned checks and gift cards.

We will continue to provide spot rewards when we see community members create and share great content or recruit additional members to the community. 

We're all sad about this, but the good news is that your authentic, helpful, original shopping content in the form of  lists, reviews, articles and Q&A are creating additional opportunities. Since we added the ability to include affiliate links, some rewards members are making more money on Shopswell from their affiliate relationships with online retailers than they are from the Shopswell Rewards program. Our analytics show that these contributors tend to be the ones:

1.     Creating the most engaging, attractive content, and 

2.     Who are socializing and sharing content most effectively

In October, the most valuable traffic to Shopswell came from Pinterest, Facebook and Flipboard.

Here are some examples of awesome Shopswell content that each got thousands of reads in  the last 3 months: 

From Pinterest:

From Flipboard:

We have also created an experimental new tool to help people build video lists from YouTube content. Just paste in a YouTube URL for a video review, where there are products listed in the description field. Add a text summary, a catchy headline and make sure all the products you want are there. These video lists are a snap to create and are getting growing traffic, especially on Flipboard. They look like an exciting opportunity. Try it out here:

Here are 3 examples: