We’ve been overwhelmed at the positive response from the Shopswell community to our Shop Share Win promotion. We’ve always believed in giving back to the community and in rewarding people who create value. So far, we’ve had over 900 community members earn money through the program, and 8 people who’ve earned over $1000! Today, we’re announcing some exciting improvements to the program.

More Frequent Payouts

First, we are going to begin processing payments more frequently. Earnings will still be booked on a weekly basis based on leaderboard position for that week, but our goal is to issue payments twice a month, starting today. Today, we will issue payment for earnings from the first two weeks in November. We will issue payments for the final two weeks in November on Dec 15th.

Improved UI

You will also notice an improved UI for the leaderboard and for your earnings. Your overall leaderboard position and points earned will be reflected on the Shop Share Win card in your feed along with the projected earnings for that position. We’ve also added a new screen that will show your lifetime earnings along with payments received and outstanding balance.

A note on the promotion policies

The intent of the Shop Share Win promotion has been to reward members of the Shopswell Community who: contribute real value to the community, help other members discover great new products and make better purchases, and help grow the community by inviting in and sharing with new members.

We have been thrilled with the overall response and creativity shown by members, but there have been some abuses of the program. We’ve launched a policy committee to review content and behaviors that run counter to the spirit of the promotion. We’ve also added a mechanism to the list pages which allows community members to flag content or activity on the site that they feel is in violation of the community spirit. If you see content that you feel is inappropriate, feel free to flag it for review by the policy group.

Finally, a sincere thanks to all of you who are helping us create and grow the best and most helpful shopping destination on the planet.... we're just getting started together!