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When you create a useful list of products, share a helpful video or your product review, you are helping others and creating value. We think people who create value should be rewarded, so each month, we reward the Shopswell users who are most helpful to the community.

NOTE: Shopswell reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to remove or disqualify any member, content or leaderboard results at any time if we deem a particular user is not acting in good faith.

There are two ways to help out and earn credits on Shopswell:

1. Curate & Create

First, you can earn credit by creating helpful content:

Creating lists. You can earn credits just by creating fun, interesting, useful, helpful lists. Lists that people like best will earn the most credits. For example you earn some credits just for building a list and adding products to it, but a list that gets comments or follows will get many more credits.

Leaving helpful comments, videos, and reviews on lists and products. You also earn curation credits when you comment on lists and products. You earn extra credits by posting helpful product reviews, and especially if other community members 'like' your post.

Updating your profile Make sure to fill out your interests and add a cover image for your profile page. You'll get followers and earn credits too.

Curating others’ comments, reviews and videos You also earn credits for upvoting other members' comments, videos, and reviews. You can climb the leaderboard just by participating and being a good Shopswell citizen.

What makes a great list?

  • Pick a great theme: Back to school, great songs to drive to, great halloween decorations.
  • Give it a great title: Yep, like a good book, a compelling title will get people to look at it.
  • Create a cover image: Cool cover images grab people’s attention.
  • Think 10 Include at least 10 items. People like lists that have a little meat to ‘em. Top-10 lists often perform well.

2. Share & Invite

Shopping is better together. So, anytime you share Shopswell with someone, you will earn credits. There are lots of ways to share, and lots of credits to be earned.

Sending Invitations

The best way to earn sharing credits is to invite friends to Shopswell. When someone joins Shopswell from an invitation you send, you get credit. You get even more credit if they end up adding value to the community by creating lists, reviews, and additional value.

Send an invitation by clicking your name on the site menu, and selecting "Invite Someone" from the drop-down. Simply fill in your friend's email address and optionally send a custom message, and you're good to go. For now, invitations are by email only, so make sure your friend checks their spam and promotions folder for your invitation.

Sending Invitations

You can send an invitation from anywhere on Shopswell using the 'Invite Soemone' link in the menu.
Invite ss Or, just click here.


You earn credit whenever you share Shopswell. You can share by posting cool lists you find to Facebook, or just messaging a friend with a link to a product you think they'll like. Here's how to make sure you earn the most credit for sharing well.

First, make sure you're logged in. When you are logged into Shopswell, all the sharing icons are automatically set up to give you credit for your shares. Simply click the social media or sharing icons on any page while you are logged in, and you will get credit for the links you share.

You will get the most credit for sharing with people who enjoy the content you shared and even more credit when you share with someone who signs up for Shopswell.

Share Well & Prosper

For instance, assuming you are logged in now, you can get credit for sharing this guide by using these buttons:

Embedding Lists. This is a special way to share lists. If you have a blog or website, you can embed your cool lists directly onto your site. Anytime someone clicks from a list you've embedded, you get sharing credit. This can be a great way to leverage an existing audience into huge sharing credits.

Sharing any Shopswell URL. To share your personal sharing link anywhere, simply add a ?src=<your_username> to any shopswell.com url and you will get credit for any activity that comes from it.


Because Creating & Curating and Sharing are separate activities, we’re rewarding each type of activity separately. So don't worry if you don't have a huge social following or a blog to embed lists on. You have an equal chance to earn simply by curating great products and creating lists that people love.

The Shop.Share.Win. Leaderboard will update daily. You will earn rewards relative to your position on the leaderboard. Rewards will be ‘booked’ weekly (Monday morning to Sunday midnight) and processed monthly. You can choose to receive your reward by check, Amazon Gift Card, or charitable contribution.

Good Luck!

Embed & Prosper


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