We've been hard at work lately improving the overall experience of Shopswell and one thing we're excited to announce is a new design for the product pages and along with it, a better way to handle comments. The new design should go live early next week. But in the meantime, here's a sneak preview for you:

A couple things to note about the new design:

  • We've tightened up and cleaned up the top of the page quite a bit. Product information and pricing data should be easier to get at a glance.
  • We're surfacing the top comment/review in place of the generic product description. So, we're relying on you all as members of the community to leave helpful reviews and products.
  • Comments are always present and accessible at the bottom of the page in our brand-new comment widget. You can click anywhere in the widget to reveal the entire comment thread and leave one yourself. List comments will work the same way.
  • The new comment widget also lets us surface related product and list recommendations right on the product pages.
Here's a look at the new comment widget once it's expanded:

So, how do you like the new design? Let us know in the comments!