Zuke’s PureNZ Cords Dog Treats are meaty, jerky cords made with grass-fed beef, carrots and apples. Zuke’s PureNZ treats are made from regionally sourced ingredients straight from New Zealand for “farm-to-dog” quality and freshness in ever pouch. Feed as a healthy treat with lots of love and outdoor play. Fuel your next adventure with Zuke’s PureNZ Cords. At Zuke’s, we have a saying: Live life off leash. It means breaking out of our everyday routines and taking a cue from the adventurous spirit of our dogs. When we’re moving and exploring, we’re healthier and happier. That’s why it’s important to provide our dogs with the fuel they need to do what they do best − helping us slip the leash of our busy lives to go outside and explore the amazing world around us.