A Quick (& Temporary) Way to Add Some Excitement to Your Hair!
Nicole Dake 4 years ago

Oh cool, this looks like fun!  How long does the color stay in your hair?  My daughter loves all the crazy hair colors, and this seems like an easy option!

sunshine over 3 years ago


Alla Rada over 3 years ago

cool review, @shelby

Joan Maglitto over 3 years ago

would love to try these

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Nicole Farber over 3 years ago

I'll have to give this a try! I also have really long thick hair and the thought of adding color is taunting. Temporary would be a good option! And I dye my hair red so we'll see if it's any match for my dyed hair!

Savanna West over 3 years ago

will this cover grays?

Amy Deeter over 3 years ago

very nice 

Priscilla Ann over 3 years ago

These look really nice I want tho try them 

beccaw0805 over 3 years ago

love chalk color!

Kaitlin Logan over 3 years ago

I have always wanted to try these but can never find them anywhere! I have really thick dark hair so when I dye it, it never comes out even. I am forced to leave it natural. So I would love to try these to get some color in my hair.