You will receive a basket nearly identical to this one pictured, but please keep in mind every basket is uniquely handwoven and differs slightly in design. Weavers in rural South Africa use strips of naturally waxy palm fronds wrapped around coils of wild grasses to create these stunning baskets, traditionally used for liquid storage. Damp cornmeal rubbed on the interior renders the basket nearly watertight. Adding liquid causes the coils to expand, and the small amount that leaks through evaporates and cools the contents. Designs carry cultural significance- large baskets are traditionally given at weddings. Sources as diverse as mud and flower petals comprise the natural dyes, many very rare due to difficulty in obtaining enough of the dying materials, and others only available certain times of year when specific flowers bloom or plants are harvested. Collecting these baskets in Zululand, South Africa, is challenging, covering hundreds of miles over dirt roads, going village to village and hut to hut for baskets from each individual weaver.