Excedrin Extra Strength Pain Relief Caplets 200 count For Headache Relief Review
ccsoundguy 4 years ago

Excedrin is the one that works best for me. 

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Lori Oates 4 years ago

I try not to take medicine unless absolutely necessary. I use my essential oils for headaches. 

Ron RJ Rush 4 years ago

Excedrin is a good product for headaches.

BETSYSGOLD 4 years ago

This is a best for headaches.


Very good product for headaches. works every time

Heather Miller 4 years ago

Excedrin is one of the best things for pain

Amy Deeter 4 years ago

i carry this in my purse at all times. Great stuff

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Mary Murch over 3 years ago

I love Excederin it is my go to head ache medicine