Electronic Dream Phone Game | eBay Review
aunna 4 years ago

Awe awesome 

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Therese Campbell over 3 years ago

I used to love this game! Great memories haha!

kakjan replied to over 3 years ago
Therese Campbell

I used to love this game! Great memories haha!

@therese_campbell oh me too!!! Many hours playing this game lol 

saleemkhan9 over 1 year ago

Yes, there is information about some game from the era of 80's and 90's. Its name is Dream Phone. By the way best custom essay is utilized at different sectors of education. There are some people who think that this was the bomb diggity back but in case I was supposed to play it now it would seems a bit tacky but as a young girl I loved this game. Dream Phone was known as one of the most final 90s mystery game for preteens.


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robertsharph 6 months ago

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nguyenthaovan 5 months ago

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