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I've been a work-at-home mom since 2001.


Beach Games for Big Kids
Outdoor Games & Activities
Toys & Games
Sports & Outdoors
It's time for the beach, but if you don't plan properly, someone will get bored before it's time to go home. Here's a great list to help entertain the bigger kids to adults in your group. And, you'...
Kitchen Remodel
kitchen remodel
Home & Kitchen
Kitchen & Dining
Unfortunately I find myself in a situation where I am going to have to remodel my kitchen, even though we don't have the money. But, the lack of money is a state of being and sometimes you just hav...
Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce
Grocery & Gourmet Food
My husband loves hot sauce, but not the kind that burns your whole mouth. I joke with him all the time that he doesn't like my cookingi so hot sauce is how he drowns out the flavor! But some of the...
Spices & Seasonings
Meat Seasoning
Greek Seasoning
Mixed Spices & Seasonings
Grocery & Gourmet Food
Herbs Spices & Seasonings
I would love to find some new spices/seasonings. I'm getting tired of the same old thing. But I hate spending money to find out I hate it! Have any of you tried these? I'm looking for something wit...
Let's Go To The Beach
Moderatorbadge bf8adc64bd73576ed12945fe049294a4e796c0a064c9dd1bef3e69fe47e5aaeb
article by Renita Perrone
Yes! Summer is here! As a homeschool mom, I can tell you that I am happy for summer break! It's time for some summer fun! We've worked hard all year and now we have a short time to relax and enjoy ...
The End of Castle
Moderatorbadge bf8adc64bd73576ed12945fe049294a4e796c0a064c9dd1bef3e69fe47e5aaeb
article by Renita Perrone
I am so disappointed that this show has ended. My husband and I have loved it since it first started and Castle was just an incorrigible flirt with the police officer he was shadowing for the sake ...
Save Your Clothes Dryer!!
Moderatorbadge bf8adc64bd73576ed12945fe049294a4e796c0a064c9dd1bef3e69fe47e5aaeb
article by Renita Perrone
Let me tell you that THIS is not what you want to happen to your dryer! Fortunately, this did not happen when my dryer broke because, as I understand the repairman, there is a special fuse built in...
Gentle Exercise
Moderatorbadge bf8adc64bd73576ed12945fe049294a4e796c0a064c9dd1bef3e69fe47e5aaeb
article by Renita Perrone
A little over a year ago I was inspired by a good friend to get my act together and start exercising. I was highly motivated, seeing great results, but then it happened. I overdid it and ended up w...
Joyful Storybooks
Moderatorbadge bf8adc64bd73576ed12945fe049294a4e796c0a064c9dd1bef3e69fe47e5aaeb
article by Renita Perrone
Do you have trouble getting your young readers to actually read? I know when my kids were young, they thought reading was boring. It took some time and effort, and a great deal of reading aloud to ...
Too Busy to Cook? Buy a Slow Cooker
Moderatorbadge bf8adc64bd73576ed12945fe049294a4e796c0a064c9dd1bef3e69fe47e5aaeb
article by Renita Perrone
I don't know about you, but my life is crazy busy. There are so many days when I run from the time I get up and don't get home until late and then I am wiped out and the last thing I want to do is ...

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3 Answers
Kim Plummer answered:
Check Pinterest, there's a bunch on there. But here's some fonts for ya.
2 Answers
Dreama Kinney answered:
The Great Pumpkin and Christmas Specials
1 Answer
I like Muscle Milk, I prefer the pre made ones because I like the flavoring better. They dont have that chalky taste like some other brands seem to have and I love the flavors they are available in.
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4 Answers
Laura Epps answered:
I just bought a great one from Peebles on sale and then used a 50% off coupon! It was Jessica Simpsons brand. Kohls also sells her bags and offers coupons and often has clearance prices.
5 Answers
Terry Hoover answered:
since I do a lot of cooking, I like to have a bit of different wines on hand for cooking. I recommend this sampler pack: 
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3 Answers
Terry Hoover answered:
Can't go camping without smores lol I also have a dutch oven for easy cooking.
5 Answers
Randy Porter answered:
Chocolate milk is great with this.
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4 Answers
Randy Porter answered:
I love to make it all in one place looking organize.  
4 Answers
 Im not really sure what you consider family friendly but this show deals with alot of things that teens in this day and age deal with. homosexuality, feeling alone and unwanted, peer pressure, fee...
4 Answers
Joni Hoffman answered:
Have you seen this one?  These are a  good one to see.