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NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Trooper Backpack Review
This backpack is AWESOME!  First of all because it's a Penguins backpack.  Second because it's a Pittsburgh Penguins backpack!  This backpack is great for kids still in grade school.  This backpack...
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Keep your hands warm
Who gets cold hands?  We all get cold hands and it's always nice to have something to put on them to help keep them warm.  I also suggest keeping a few extra pairs lying around in case you need to ...
105 Polyhedral Dice For Dungeons And Dragons Or Math Dice Games | Bulk Dice In 15 Complete Sets | RPG Dice Games & D and D | 4 Sided, 6 Sided, 8 Sided, 10 Sided, 12 Sided, 20 Sided and Percentile Dice Included | Multi Colored Sets | Bonus Large Durabl... Review
This collection of dice is perfect for any table top gamer.  It gives you a bunch of different kinds of dice that's perfect for casual play or to start your own collection.  I use mine for Magic Th...
Monster Energy Drink Variety Pack - 16 Pack Review
This would be a great way to try out a few different flavors of monster to see which flavors you like.  Most gas stations charge almost two dollars for each can of monster you buy.  Some will have ...