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Pendant Necklace
review by virgen
This necklace is really nice looking . The Round Halo Pendant Necklace is elegant . I just love the shape and look of the necklace. It is silver color and had some gems around the pendant and a big...
Wireless Mouse
review by virgen
This is a nice mouse. It fit in my hand nicely and scrolls great. It is a thinner mouse and the right/left clicker works well . It is nice and portable and connect well with my bluetooth. I like th...
Fruit And Cake Plate Stand
review by virgen
This is something i have been wanting for a while . It makes it nice when cooking sweets for the holidays and make it is all fancy. It had 3 levels big ,med and small sizes. It is easy to carry wit...
Women Leather Wallet
review by virgen
I really love this leather wallet. I has a chain you can hook to it or have it with out the chain . I closes nicely and snaps opens to where you can add many things in side it . It has 10 Card Slot...




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2 Answers
prekrasan answered:
 If you drink a lot of coffee, my husband has this one and loves it. It's easier than a smaller grinder, because after you set it to the grind you want and how much, it does it all automatically. I...