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Home Basics Plastic Basket (Blue, Large) Review
review by Van Gronewald
This is a well made hard plastic baskets .I got blue one and a green one and just love then. I like the size of these baskets . These are working great for my 4 year old lego's and the other one ha...
[ USB Car Charger ] JOTO 4 Ports USB Car Charger High Speed Charge (9.6A/48W) with Smart IC Intelligent Charging - Portable USB Car Charger compatible to Apple and Android devices (iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air 2,Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, LG,... - JOTO Review
review by Van Gronewald
This like that is charge has 4 ports to plug in 4 things at one time . It works out great for my husband as he works out of his truck . He can have iphone, computer and GPS all plugged in and charg...
Nubee® 16.4ft 5M RGB SMD 5050 Waterproof Strip light 300LEDs + 44Key IR Remote Controller + 12V 5A Power Supply Review
review by Van Gronewald
This light strips are easy to get them to work and light up . You get everything you need to get them to work very well. You get LED strip, controller, and 60 watt power supply. You get a remote to...
Volmate Universal LCD Digital Battery Tester - For AA/AAA/C/D/9V & Mini Cell Batteries Review
review by Van Gronewald
This battery tester works for AA< AAA <C D 9V and mini cell batteries. I have tried it on AA <AAA <C < D batteries i had around the house . I took an older battery and a newer batter...




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annmarie answered:
 Kind of looks like a gun!