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More Cuisine Essentials BG - 1022S, Eco-Friendly 5 Piece Gourmet Knife Set -- Cheese Cutting Board Set w/ Swivel Tray for Storage & Serving. Review
review by Van Gronewald
What a great quality cutting board and 5 piece gourmet knife set this is . It all wood and stainless steel . You get every knife you need to cut cheese and pick it up with the fort tool. It is a go...
Uniprod Women's Fashion Sport Casual Watches Quartz Water Resistance Round Leather Wirst Watch (Brown) Review
review by Van Gronewald
I love the look of this watch and the size of it . I love the brown color on the band . I like the face of the watch ,it is different looking. The hands on the watch all work well. The band of the ...
Home Basics Plastic Basket (Blue, Large) Review
review by Van Gronewald
This is a well made hard plastic baskets .I got blue one and a green one and just love then. I like the size of these baskets . These are working great for my 4 year old lego's and the other one ha...
[ USB Car Charger ] JOTO 4 Ports USB Car Charger High Speed Charge (9.6A/48W) with Smart IC Intelligent Charging - Portable USB Car Charger compatible to Apple and Android devices (iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air 2,Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, LG,... - JOTO Review
review by Van Gronewald
This like that is charge has 4 ports to plug in 4 things at one time . It works out great for my husband as he works out of his truck . He can have iphone, computer and GPS all plugged in and charg...




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annmarie answered:
 Kind of looks like a gun!