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Food grade diatomaceous earth and a glass
Diatomaceous Earth: Benifits
article by tylerrendon613
Thinking of trying diatomaceous earth for any one of the many health benifites?  I did, and now I have been taking it internally. *After much research. Most people say diatomaceous earth should be ...
Bumbleebee saves sam
Transform Your Car
Engineering & Transportation
Car Accessories
List of all the cool things you can do to make your car unique. From the inside out. This is a work in progress.
Geeks & Gaming
Retro Gaming & Microconsoles
PlayStation 4
Game Boy Advance
Video Games
Gaming systems, computeres, headsets, keyboards, controllers, and so much more. One location for all geeks and gamers young and old. 
140518b lego city2 mellemby update
Boys Legos Sets
Building Sets
Building Toys
Toys & Games
I grew up with legos. Still have many sets. It tends to be my go to when ever I buy gifts. Hours of fun and endless ideas. 

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1 Answer
boodreeau answered:
We are getting the last 2 pay periods we earned. We were always a pay period behind. According to shops we will get the last 2. 
Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 32 Ounce - 1 Pack Review
review by tylerrendon613
I have use Braggs Apple Cider Vineagr for several years. I first learned I could use it for heartburn. I thought drinking an acidic drink would be at cross purposes but it turns out your stomach st...
Foot spa at home
Take Care of your Feet
article by tylerrendon613
I have to say I have a problem with my feet being dry after going bare footed in the summer. They will get rough. I don't know how some people let their feet get cracked so badly though. It has to ...
Massage 865x495.1
Foot Care At Home
Callus Shavers
Scrubs Salts & Soaks
Hands Feet & Nails
Tools & Accessories
Skin Care
Health & Personal Care
Take a spa day for your feet. They take you places. Make sure to take care of them. 
2 Answers
Brandy answered:
Some of the items on this list will help. My son had the exercise ball as well as the pogo ball, just be there for support the first few times until he can balance. 
Drawing Media
Art Alternatives
Painting Drawing & Art Supplies
Art supplies. This is for the artist who can draw and paint. Using oils, pastels and water color. I tried to put in most art products I have used before. My family has very creative people. My uncl...
Tumblr np9krcidkn1u0docfo1 500
To Mow or Not to Mow...
Gardening & Lawn Care
Lawn Mowers & Outdoor Power Tools
Roll into Spring
Lawn Care
All types of yard tools. From weed eaters, leaf blowers, books, and even some yard toys for my little cousin who loves to work in the yard with me. 
Healthy For You
Food and Drink
Healthy Stuff that I like. 
Sports and More Sports
Sports & Fitness
All Products
Sports & Outdoor Play
Sports & Outdoors
All things sports. I have played most and loved sports growning up. Love to get out of the house and watch sports as well. Can be cheap fun or very expencive depending on the sport. 
Organic Valley, Half & Half, Ultra Pasteurized, Organic, Quart, 32 oz Review
review by tylerrendon613
Organic Valley half & half is 100% organic, USDA organic certified, non-gmo half &half. They make four different flavors. They also lactose free half &half, French vanilla, hazelnut and...
Small kitchen equipment endearing of how to buy kitchen equipment for small kitchen foodmaniac
Kitchen Supplies
Cutlery & Knife Accessories
Kitchen & Dining
Kitchen & Cooking
Some of these kitchen supplies I own. Others are listed because it it things I want. Very convenient to have everything listed in one place. Also love to see other list to see what I may not of kno...