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Amie George answered:
I use Oil of olay and have never got a break out 
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We have this one and have never had any issues with it! 
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Sarah answered:
When my 12 year old was nine she love Monster High, So she got MH related Dolls and such..So I would say dolls and depending on what she likes...    I always took the small pieces and put them in a...
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5 Answers
Shelby Kenney answered:
Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo/Conditioners Do WONDERS on my hair. And this kind Works Great on frizzy hair. I love all of the whole blends collection. The only shampoo/conditioner that does work for...
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If it was me in my area they have an day or summer camp. Where is they go during the day and cone home when it is done or stay a few days and their at night. My kids love going to camp because it's...
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Natasha Berry answered:
Also put bird feeders  by your roses.  They will  eat bugs as well or definitely  scare them if you alot of birds around them
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Ron RJ Rush answered:
This is a great recipe. My wife made this one and it is very easy to do in the slow cooker. I hope you give it a try. Slow Cooker Creamy Potato SoupPrep30 mCook6 h 30 mReady In7 h It may be cooked ...
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Jodi Hess answered:
When my kids were younger we were always going to amusement parks.  I live in Pennsylvania also.  We have been here a couple years ago with my grandkids.  What is nice is, we overbought tickets an...
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Tonya Kinsler asked the community
Good deserts
4 Answers
Megan Tilley answered:
Our family always loves Cherry yum yum! It taste so delicious and everyone asks for seconds!
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4 Answers
Crystal Bell answered:
This one! All of my dogs ate it up in seconds lol. There are different ones for different types of dogs, I just wanted to show you an example of a little what it looks like :)
5 Answers
Mary Murch answered:
years ago it was Flintsones when I was young, @tonya_kinsler Now I will watch Dora with my grand kids 
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blogginmamab answered:
Pulled pork is all about using the crock pot! I recently made some and it almost melted in my mouth! I put the pork in the crockpot and added Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce and let it sit. I would perio...
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Mmow Mmow answered:
ensure is a great drink for anyone who is not getting enough nutrition and yes it will help them and now the ensure plus is great my aunt is on it she weighed 101 and now drinks 2 cans a day and is...
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6 Answers
My daughter really liked these for a short while. They are ok. Kinda cute, kinda quirky. But, I wouldn't buy too many - it's very likely to be a short-lived fad, in my opinion. For some reason kids...