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My favorite soda is Pepsi products, but when I have an party I buy the cheaper two liter soda and make juice up for the kids. Cause you know how much the kids will waste soda. Some parents may let ...
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I used to love getting computer games when  I was a kid that would be learning based. I never had a math one but I had a reading game I absolutely loved and would spend hours on. Being kids love th...
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Crystal Bell answered:
Super Lash by Apple! Its the best! I have tried a lot but this one gets the job done very well I love this one best.
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My daughter really liked these for a short while. They are ok. Kinda cute, kinda quirky. But, I wouldn't buy too many - it's very likely to be a short-lived fad, in my opinion. For some reason kids...
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My son is 3 and loves paw patrol too.  He really likes Rubble and Marshal, but your niece may want some girl pups.We have the rubble version of this toy, and our son loves it.  He also likes the pu...
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Mmow Mmow answered:
ensure is a great drink for anyone who is not getting enough nutrition and yes it will help them and now the ensure plus is great my aunt is on it she weighed 101 and now drinks 2 cans a day and is...
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Lisa Breece answered:
There are certain things that I will only purchase the name brand variety. Hellmann's Mayonaisse and toilet paper are a couple of them. I will purchase store brand for some stuff. 
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andryaaaaa answered:
Great question, I've been wondering the exact same thing. My dog always jets off when I let him off his leash or chain. I have to squeeze out my front door to assure he don't bullet out and take off. 
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Any neutragena foundation won't cause breakouts. Too faced born this way is really good and hasn't caused me any breakouts and I'm prone to them
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Amie George answered:
I just had the worst sunburn ever. I used aloe vera, vinegar, and calamine for the itching when it was healing
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Amie George answered:
Yogurt and fresh fruit put in the freezer
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Amie George answered:
We pick up stones and paint them It's a lot of fun