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Backpacks women who do
8 Fashion Backpacks for Women Who Do
article by Tina
Sometimes a purse just doesn't cut it. From moms on-the-go to Wall Street ball-busting female entrepreneurs, let's be honest, we cart around far too much stuff (hello, my name is Tina and I suffer ...
Fb%20marquee lights fall in love with
Light it Up: 15 Marquee Lights to Fall in Love With
list by Tina
Home & Decor
Light up your living space with one of these 15 trendy marquee lights. 
Chic fun school supplies1
Back-to-Cool: 11 of the Chicest School Supplies
article by Tina
It's time to talk back-to-school. I know, I know, there are moms out there that are currently mad as heck (let's keep this PG, we are chatting school supplies) that I'm bringing this up the first w...
Dreams Do Come True: Cheeky Unicorn Style & Home Decor Must-Haves
article by Tina
Whether you're three, thirteen, or thirty-three - unicorns and glitter are the stuff dreams are made of. Thankfully, for those of us on the higher end of that age group unicorns have never been tre...
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Celebrate National Watermelon Day in Style
list by Tina
Women's Handbags & Purses
Women's Dresses
Women's Clothing
Clothing & Fashion
Who knew #NationalWatermelonDay could look so good?
Fashion Style: For the Love of Flamingos
list by Tina
Clothing & Fashion
Home & Decor
Flamingos are officially the "it" of the summer season. With the warm weather in full spring there's no time like the present to stock up on the pretty in pink fashion and home decor esse...

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Accessorize My Style: Patch & Pin Perfection!
list by Tina
Fashion Accessories
Clothing & Fashion
Guys, personalizing denim is a fall fashion thing. These 20+ fashion patches and pins are sure to make you rethink your denim decisions. 
Tina asked the community
Fun, unique wedding card?
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8 Answers
Sondra answered:
Here are a few fun ones!   
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Celebrity Chef Inspired Kitchen Must-Haves
list by Tina
Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets
mixing bowls
Home & Kitchen
Kitchen & Dining
Home & Kitchen Features
If these kitchen essentials are good enough for celebrity chefs, they're good enough for me. 
ASICS® 'GEL Fortus 2' Training Shoe, The Perfect Cross-Trainer | Review
review by Tina
Seriously in love with these sneaks. I've been an Asics girl ever since they got me from training for my first half marathon to the race finish lineAsics tend to have a narrow base - perfect for me...
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Why Ban.do's Notebooks are Totally Worth the Cash - Review
review by Tina
If you have never owned a ban.do rough draft notebook you are missing out. I know, I know, why pay $10 for a notebook when you can snag one for $1 at Wal-Mart? Well, first of all, look at it, it's ...
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Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated Bottle, Worth it's Weight in Gold - Review
review by Tina
Don't let the price fool you, this insulated bottle is worth every penny. I have never owned another reusable bottle that keeps beverages cold for such a long period of time. It can be in my hiking...
Kathy weller designs
Mug Life Perfection: Kathy Weller Art
article by Tina
I was getting my Pinterest fix the other night when I saw my first Kathy Weller design. It was hands-down the most gorgeous coffee mug I had ever seen. Kathy's playful combination of color and desi...
8 #BossLady Tech Cases to Help you Seize the Day
article by Tina
You're a Boss Lady, you even have the fancy business cards to prove it. Sweet. Now it's time to address your gadget goals. Everyone knows chic tech accessories are a must-have for any power outfit....
Kickoff the Football Season with These Game Day Essentials
article by Tina
The only good thing about summer winding down is the fact that football season is right around the corner. Whether you're gearing up to cheer on your favorite team, or are simply looking forward to...
12 Chic Cell Cases for the Classy Boss Lady
list by Tina
Clothing & Fashion
Tech & Gadgets
Classy meets Boss Lady in these fun, chic cell cases.
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Rustic Decor for Cozy Home Living
list by Tina
Decorative Pillows Inserts & Covers
Decorative Signs
Kitchen & Dining Features
Home & Decor
Rustic with a touch of modern country make for one gorgeous cozy home decor collection. 
Bigstock new vehicles in stock 74142400
Why This VW Owner is in Car Buying Purgatory
article by Tina
I am in car buying purgatory. Why is that you might ask? I am a VW TDI owner. Ah yes, the TDI scandal. In the wake of the diesel-emissions settlement I now sit in limbo, deciding which path to take...
12 Unique Gifts for the Lush in Your Life
article by Tina
The holidays approaching means frantically searching for unique gifts for the most important peeps in your life. If your plus-one or BFF is a lover of an adult beverage you're in luck. There are so...
Gild thanks gold thanksgiving
Gild Thanks: Gorgeous Gold Thanksgiving Tablescapes
list by Tina
Holidays & Celebrations
Home & Decor
Bring the gold to your Thanksgiving table with these gorgeous, gilded holiday tablescapes.
I Glitterally Can't: Must-Have Products For Girls Who Love Sparkle
list by Tina
Gifts for her
Coffee Mugs
Clothing & Fashion
Home & Decor
Live. Love. Sparkle. 
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6 Answers
Missy answered:
Okay what goes with food? And a statement with a question mark - is that a question? Should it have an actual question or is that format right? I think we should have an glass of wine and get an an...